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FA Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to close the knowledge and experience gaps for teens and young adults through access to information and equitable opportunities for personal and professional development.

Our Vision

To create and develop thriving communities and individuals…
“Because Everyone Deserves The Opportunity To Be Their Best Self”

FA Mission

“Thank you so much for giving me the push and extra help I needed to be able to work in a job that I love. Thank you for the extra materials to use so I could actually realize what I really wanted to do. I appreciate it in every way.” 

~ Brookelyn

“I would like to thank Carl and the Program for all that they have done for my nephew. Carl has taken his time to personally mentor him and set him up with resources and programs needed to be successful. Carl has done a good job at building a relationship with my nephew. In doing so, he has become more physically active and even read a book for them to review during their sessions.”

~ Phil T

The Future Achievers Program… “was very helpful.” “I think that is why I’m so conscious about finances now.”

~ Leilani W.
Business Specialist and building her first house

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Future Achievers Pledge

I am an Achiever and I am destined for Greatness

I was placed this earth to succeed and to do so…

I must Love myself, Love my neighbor, Love education

and eliminate anything that is stopping me from reaching my goals

I must be Strong enough to ask for help when I need it

and willing to let others help me

I must learn to control my thoughts and emotions,

in doing so, I will be in control of my whole self

I must not be afraid of what I can’t see.

Success and Greatness are specific to each individual, so

I must always work to achieve my goals

not knowing what is ahead, but trusting that if I stick to my plan,

Great things will happen

I am an Achiever

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