Life Enrichment Program

The Future Achievers program consists of a continuum of life enrichment workshops that seek to further educate high school students in the following  areas: personal finance; job readiness; college preparation; giving back to the community & civic responsibility, and health & wellness. Each of the key areas can be expanded into its own workshop, so that each area can be explored in more depth.

Future Achievers 101

During this five week workshop, each of the five key areas listed above are addressed one evening per week. During this time, students are exposed to various subject matter that will help them to thrive throughout their personal and professional lives. Critical thinking, networking, researching, writing, and public speaking are some of the skills that are stressed and practiced during each workshop. The focus of the five week initial workshop is to give students an introduction to the key areas. Through creative learning exercises, the students interest in one or more particular area will propel them to the next workshop in the continuum.

Job Readiness: Summer Program

The goal of the summer program is to equip high school students with the skills necessary to identify, apply for, and secure job opportunities in their community. This is accomplished through a three day training course followed by a non-paid internship at a participating local business. The three day training course focuses on job searching, resume writing, interviewing, and dressing for the workplace. Students will be able to experience every facet of the organization to gain a better understanding of the roles of the various employees. Students will also gain an understanding and appreciation for the education and/or specialized training required to perform that type of work, as well as, the character traits that employers expect in a successful employee.

College Prep: Summer Program

This summer program seeks to expose students to their educational possibilities beyond high school. Students will get an opportunity to explore primarily, but not limited to, colleges and universities within a 60 mile radius. Areas of focus are: the application process, funding college, programs/majors, and the college experience. Through this program, students will begin to draw parallels between their goals for their future and the opportunities offered at these institutions.