Life Enrichment Webinar series

…consists of 5 pre-recorded videos  that seek to further educate  teens (grades 7th – 12th) in the following  areas: personal finance; job readiness; college preparation; giving back to the community & civic responsibility, and health & wellness.

“Making good kids, better adults”

During this workshop series, each of the five key areas listed above are covered. Critical thinking, networking, researching, writing, and public speaking are some of the skills that are stressed and practiced during each workshop. The focus of this workshop is to give students an introduction to the key areas that are important to any youth becoming a successful adult.

The workshop will take place virtually. Students will be asked to watch the workshop video then answer a few questions to test understanding.  Students will need access to the internet, email, and Youtube. A computer is preferable but this content may also be viewed on a smart phone.