Thank you to our representatives from Ivy Tech (Stephanie Alexander),  IU East (Bailey Hall), and Earlham College (Susan Hillman de Castenada) 

Preparing for College

Check your Habits: Make sure that you are taking the right classes in high school.  Also, make sure that you are working as hard. Learn as much as you can and make the best grades that you can.

Extracurricular Activities: Shows leadership and helps teach social skills.  Mare sure that your activities are meaningful to you. Don’t participate in everything just because you think it will look good on an application. Admissions counselors will see right through you.

Choosing a College:

Look at the College’s Website: Check the website for information on the College/University. Also, look for the admissions requirements (i.e. high school transcripts, essay, letters of recommendation, etc…). Each college may have different admissions requirements. Some schools may require an application fee, they may also have a way to waive the fee as well.

Common Application: This will allow you apply to multiple colleges/universities while only having to complete on application.

Be Aware of Deadlines:  Get a folder for each college you are applying to. On the front of the folder, write the name of the school and all the important deadlines/dates.

* The following are not good questions to ask with considering a school: What is the student to teacher ratio? How many majors to you offer? 

Again, it is important to follow your passion. Know what is important to you and why. Base your questions on that

Scholarship Tips: Wayne County Foundation offers a list of scholarships available. Your high school guidance counselor should have a list of scholarships as well.  There are also online scholarship databases. What out for scams. This information should be provided to your free of charge.

Tips from Current College Students:

“When you get knocked down, get back up!”

Learn to manage your time.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t make straight A’s, your first semester/year.

Current Opportunities for High School Students:

Dual Credit Classes: Ivy Tech and IU East offer these. They are offered as both (AP) Advanced Placement classes and (ACP) Advanced College Project classes.

Campus Tours, Preview Days, Programs: All colleges have preview days.  You can also schedule a day for just you and your family to visit. It is also a good idea to visit the school without letting anyone know that you are coming. That way you can see what the school/people are really like. Ivy Tech brings 10th graders from RHS to their campus for Career Day. IU East have a visit planned for RHS 11th graders. Earlham has a summer program (Explore-A-College), where students live on campus and take college courses for credit.