I would like to extend a very special “thank you” to Travis Kohn and Stasia Veramalley-Hodges for coming to talk with the students about banking and fiscal management. Travis is a Personal Banker and Stasia is a Financial Advisor.

The emphasis of this workshop was on the importance of saving. Stasia and Travis both stressed the importance of saving early in life and making it apart of every budget. “Pay yourself first” or second if you practice tithing.  The earlier young people start saving the more there savings will be worth in comparison to if they wait until they are older. Also, saving early helps to establish a pattern and will enable a person to save with ease. In an effort to save, or to maintain your savings, you must make good choices. Students learned that they must be able to figure out what is a “need” vs. a “want.” Sacrificing something that you want today will help to make sure that you have money for what you need later.

Students also learned about the services and accounts that banks offer. Students were encouraged to talk with their banker regularly. Bankers can help with any financial question and help you make the best financial decision. Many banks offer a variety of services, from checking and savings accounts, to loans and investments.  Bankers will help you figure out what the best account for you is.

Chase bank offers checking and savings accounts for high school students. Many features, such as online banking, a debit card, and the Chase app are available to a student that has an account. Students need to have 2 forms of identification, and an opening deposit to open an account. For additional information stop by the local Chase branch. IMG_0679